Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hypermileing: Another Approach

One more idea: why drive to the gym... or on a lot of other short trips. I know we don't always have the time to walk or take a bike, but a lot of times it takes almost as long to drive as it does to bike.

Last year we had our old beater bikes fitted out with solid foam innertubes. It wasn't all that cheap, but we have no flat tires now. Just get on the bike and go. Yes, they are a little harder on your behind. But for the short trips that we make, it is just so great.

Just a thought.

More Hypermileing

This seems to be catching on. One guy got 133 mpg on a long trip. That seems a little bit much.... but shows there is a lot of potential to save gas.

We have now racked up almost 3000 miles on the Grand Am, and have an average mileage of over 37 mpg. I haven't had much luck with the truck. I think that it will never be too good with full time four wheel drive and such a boxy outline. But you do what you can.

A friend has gotten 42 out of a Geo Prizim, but has recently bought a 3 cylinder Metro (which he insists will be worth 10 grand in a year or two) and will be shooting for over 50 mpg.

Funny what a little motivation will do. In the 70's everyone hated the 55 mph speedlimit, and tried every way they could to drive faster. Now, we won't be worried so much about a ticket, because as gas prices rise, we git a 'ticket' every time we try to break the laws (of physics)...

Have fun