Monday, April 18, 2011

83 Year Old Japanese Woman Escaped Tsunami on Her Bicycle

This is kind of fun.  Annie and I ride our bikes around Sweet Haven quite a bit, especially in warmer weather.  We used to get some looks from people whom I assume think that unless you under 30 or dressed in $500 worth of bike costume gear and ride a $1000 bike, that you have no business on one.  We often ride to church, which is admittedly pretty close, but got quite a few disbelieving looks for a while as well.  We even reclaimed the bike rack parking place from the cars - first come, first served after all.

So I was really interested to watch this little clip about this lady that escaped the tsunami on her bike. She was a farmer all of her life, and is proud of being strong and fit.  Actually, as I write this, I remember the story that Mom told me several times of Great Grandpa Barthel ( I think) and his bike.  If I remember the story right, he never learned to drive a car and rode his bike into his late 80's.  (Mom: If you read this, correct any mistakes in the 'Comments' section).   Anyway, I thought is was a great story.  Hope you enjoy it as well.  Happy riding!