Friday, March 13, 2009

Dutch Oven Experiment

NOTE: This experiment is fine in a stove, but might be not so good in a fireplace. Charcoal produces a lot of CARBON MONOXIDE - very dangerous inside. If you are going to try this in a fireplace, have a CO monitor. Your fireplace might have enough draft to waft all the fumes up the chimney, but charcoal doesn't produce heat at all like a real fire, and so there will be much less draft and the carbon monoxide might well end up in your home.

It is a little cold today, and after finishing up our taxes it felt like a day to do some dutch oven cooking....but I couldn't get up much enthusiasim for it in the cold. I thought about lighting a fire in the woodstove..... and then thought.....hmmmmm .... how would it be to cook in the wood stove with charcoal???

So I cleaned out the ashes and polished up the windows and here is how it turned out.