Monday, October 1, 2012

Zucchini Casserole....or Soup

OK, so I haven't got this dialed in yet to have the same texture and consistency as a potato or rice based casserole. But for that small failing, it is darned good if I say so myself, and it has two other benefits.

  •  It is a very low carb receipie
  • It gets rid of monster zucchini
  • You probably won't mind eating it fairly frequently
  • It is easy to make

1/2 Sweet onion
1 Bell Pepper
Zucchini - quite a bit.  About 1/2 of a club sized zucchini, peeled.
1 pint of chicken broth (mine was canned)
2 Tbl spoons tapicoca
1 cube of bullion
1 package of bratwurst, or sweet Italian uncooked sausage
1 chunk of cheese, cheddar or colby
Parmesan  cheese to taste
Pepper to taste
2 med sized tomatoes

Optional - to add to the chicken broth:
Celery seed - some
Oregano - some
Hot red peppers- some, depending on how tough or crazy you are.

Here is how I make it:

Drop onion and bell pepper into food processor and chop into a mince.

Replace mincing blade with slicing blade.  Slice zucchini into long slices with kitchen knife. Drop long slices into food processor with slicing blade and hence chop into small pieces.  The food processor bowl should now have minced onion and pepper on the bottom, covered with sectioned, sliced zucchini.  Empty the bowl into a casserole dish - long, flat and wide, according to how much zucchini you used.

Pour in the seasoned, tapiocaed chicken broth.  Dice the tomatoes, or more if you want, and spread over the top.  Press the raw bratwrust or Italian sausages into the zucchini.  Shred the cheddar or colby cheese on the top, sprinkle on a little parmasean cheese and bake, covered in the oven for 60 min at 350 deg F.  Uncover and brown with the broiler, but be careful as it is easy to get distracted and burn the whole thing to a crisp. Theoretically easy to get distracted.

I'll get a picture posted the next time I make it, but I wanted to publish it now.  You can probably add more tapioca, and it will just thicken it up.