Thursday, January 17, 2008

Electrifying News!

Well, not really. In a previous post I related a presentation that my boss gave to us about renewable energy (wind and solar), carbon taxes and carbon sequestration proposals, and how about 25 proposed coal fired power plants had been canceled. If you work in a power plants for a while you know first hand how hard they are to maintain, yet alone to build, and how often the whole system is on the verge of failure do to high demand. It was a good presentation, and it led to the conclusion that without new coal fired plants that it was unlikely that the current reliability of the grid would continue.

Here is an article that details the state of the worlds electrical grids in a general way. You might think that this can't happen here, but it can. I am looking at a couple of solar kits designed for small cabins or RV's that aren't too expensive (170W, 200 W, 300 W). While they wouldn't provide us with all the power that we are used to consuming, either one would let us run the fan on the fireplace, the hot water heater on a limited basis, and maybe more. I am thinking 3-5 years on getting this in. Might even start with a smaller starter kit to get the feel for the different loads.

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