Friday, March 13, 2009

Dutch Oven Experiment

NOTE: This experiment is fine in a stove, but might be not so good in a fireplace. Charcoal produces a lot of CARBON MONOXIDE - very dangerous inside. If you are going to try this in a fireplace, have a CO monitor. Your fireplace might have enough draft to waft all the fumes up the chimney, but charcoal doesn't produce heat at all like a real fire, and so there will be much less draft and the carbon monoxide might well end up in your home.

It is a little cold today, and after finishing up our taxes it felt like a day to do some dutch oven cooking....but I couldn't get up much enthusiasim for it in the cold. I thought about lighting a fire in the woodstove..... and then thought.....hmmmmm .... how would it be to cook in the wood stove with charcoal???

So I cleaned out the ashes and polished up the windows and here is how it turned out.



Mike said...

That looks pretty cool. It looks good!

The Nurse said...

That is AWESOME. when i come there in a month... and you are finished with the outage i want to learn. :) (more outside with coals though-)
<3 you

pixiestylist said...

sometimes people talk about dutch ovens and because you know so much, my brain tells me I KNOW so much... and then i realize i don't. but i think a lot of it is experimentation. i just need to cook all my meals or one a week in my back yard so i can learn....