Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chicken Soup for the Survialist Soul....

Actually, I don't much like the word 'survivalist'. Maybe 'survivor's' would be better. Pixie and the Nurse came down last Wednesday and during the course of our conversation asked for some soup recipes that are quick and easy. So I scribbled them down and made a copy and then forgot to give them the copies.... So I thought I would put them here, and you can either use them or not. And yes, I don't do a lot of measuring.


1 can corn
1 can green beans
1/2 bell pepper if you have it.
1 med. onion or 1 tablespoon or large three fingered pinch, or less of dried food storage onions, or none at all, but pretty boring.
1 cup of dried pasta or so.
hamburger, browned, or turkey burger browned, or what have you in the way of meat.
2 cans diced, stewed tomatoes, with one or both being pre-spiced Italian

Mix. Cook. Italian seasoning to taste. Black pepper to taste, salt with beef bullion to taste. some pesto if you have it. Mozzarella cheese to taste if you have it.

Prep time 15 minutes (be browning the meat as you put all the other stuff together) , but it is better if you let it cook for maybe 30 mins on low heat.

Very good with bread sticks fresh out of the oven.

Chicken Bone Soup

Yes, sound gross, but it is just fine. Save bones from one chicken and any pork chops or steaks you might eat. Boil for about an hour. Strain and let bones cool. There will be some salvageable meat in there - probably neck and back. If you don't strain it, then the little bones will end up in your soup and it isn't so fun.

Simmer stock with a little onion and about a handful of chopped celery for 30 min. If you have some meat saved, add it. When celery and onions are cooked, and meat is added then season with pepper, and salt with chicken bullion. Very rich taste. Add noodles or rice or pearled barley and cook until done.

If you aren't going to use the stock right away, after you strain it, bring if back to a boil and add about 1/2 packet of Knox unflavored gelatin. Oh, and put the meat in there too. Pour stock and meat into a quart jar and in will keep in the fridge for at least a week. It should have a layer of fat on the top for best preservation.

Beef Soup

Beef soup bone or oxtail soup - cook for quite a while, at least an hour. Season with bay leaf, beef bullion for salt, pepper, onion and garlic to taste.

Carrots (dried, canned or fresh), corn, cabbage, peas, potatoes, pearled barley, noodles, green beans, and even tomatoes can all be added to the soup.

Enhanced Ramen (but still quick and easy)

In boiling water cut some cabbage - not a lot for one person, some onion, fresh or dried, a little celery, and add some leftover chicken, pork, or beef or sliced hard boiled eggs if you have them.
If not, beat one or two eggs in a dish and add to soups, stirring constantly for about three minutes. Add noodles.

Quick and Good Chili:

Hamburger browned, 2 cans diced stewed tomatoes ( Mexican style with chilies is good), 1 can black beans. Season with dried onion, garlic salt, chili powder or cumin - very important, cilantro if you like it, black pepper. If you don't have the Mexican style tomatoes then add more chili powder, or Cayenne pepper, or some other gut flaming pepper of your choice, to your taste.

Prep time, about 15 minutes. Brown the meat while you warm the tomatoes, beans etc.


Start with the head of one hog.... actually that is how they do start, but you can use a pork or chicken or pork and chicken base. Chicken bones stock with some cubed pork chops or pork roast would be good. Salt with chicken bullion, use black pepper, onion, garlic, and any other peppers you might like. From bell to habanero. Add 1 can of hominy.

Garnish with some cilantro if you like but DO NOT cook it in the soup. You will be sorry, and we will laugh.

Cube some avocados, slice some radishes very thin, chop some leaf lettuce very finely and add to hot soup when served. It is kind of different, but good. Sour cream is good in this soup too.