Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where's the Beef

Funky-Disco called last night and we had a good chat. We had talked sometime ago about getting a sow and/or a dry cow and splitting up the meat several ways. I haven't done anything about this but wondered if anyone else would be interested in this (among family).

I will let you know what I find out. There seems to be quite a few cows around, but not so many hogs. I think that they are in the concentration camps down by Milford. I don't know if anyone else even raises them anymore. Assignment for me: check out the hogs.

Reading over the last post seems a little grim. I didn't mean it to be that way, and don't really think that being thrifty and frugal should be grim. Gaining new skills should be a fun thing. Buying and making tools is a fun thing. Using all the bounties that God gives us should be a happy thing too. A thankful thing. For me it is all that and more. Anyway, it is about time for bed, so I will say goodnight.


AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I have had fun living with you and the adventure we are on. This marriage is so fun. You are the light of my life, sweet Friend.

Mike said...

I would be very interested in sharing a cow or hog or both. anything food related that we can get a bargain!

Sailor said...

I did hear of a lady at work whose husband has hogs from time to time... so we will see. Next time I see her I will ask about it. We can work something out, I am sure. So far we have Funky-Disco, the Nurse and Rooster and you guys. I am sure that S3 and CuteGirl might also be interested, but they are a little engaged right now. Maybe when the wedding is over.

The Nurse said...

i know i have said it before... but we would be interested in doing something like that as well! it would be fun to have a little food storage.