Sunday, July 27, 2008

DIY Bicycle Trailers

Pixie commented on the last post about the Sports Utility Bicycle that she would like to do some of this, but it looked pricey. I think that it can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. If you go and buy the best at the bike shop, you will undoubtedly have a nice looking and top of the line bike. But there are a lot of good bikes looking for a home at DI. They might need a little oil and the grease in the bearings to be changed, but mostly they will be fine. Old Christmas and birthday presents that have been outgrown and neglected when kids go on missions and on to college. Annie got her bike at a yard sale, and I got mine at a thrift shop... and, yes, we will probably upgrade someday, or at least get some new shifters for her bike.

Mostly they work fine, and we ride all over town and some into the country with them. but they aren't set up to haul much, and we don't really want a big basket or panniers on the sides of the wheels when we run to town.

I came across some designs for do-it-yourself bike trailers, being somewhat inspired by the kid carrier trailer that M&J have for carrying Greta.

See what you think of these. They can all be built for a few dollars and don't require welding, although I am sure welding might make some parts of the fabrication easier. They are all pretty robust, one being designed for up to 300 lbs and to carry "loads as diverse as wood, water, maize, fertilizer, portable generators and pregnant women." So, as Pixie likes to say: There you have it.

Trailer 1: The Coleman Cooler Trailer

Trailer 2: The Scrap Metal Trailer

Trailer 3: The IBF Trailer

Trailer 4: The Bamboo Trailer

When I get done building fences, raised bed grow boxes, cradles, quilting frames etc., I think I will build one of these.

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AnnieOfBlueGables said...

How fun Sailor! We can bring your small boat to the res with this.