Saturday, July 5, 2008

For the Earth is full, and there is enough and to spare

In the midst of all the bad news that surrounds us, it is really important to remember that the 'earth IS full, and there IS enough, and to spare'. This a promise and a reassurance that had been given to us, possibly for times like these. If there is hunger or shortages, it isn't because the earth is failing us, but because we have the wrong system of farming or economics in place to realize the promise that we have.

I ran across a very encouraging web site that I hope you also like. The Dervaes family lives in Pasadena California. They harvest almost 6000 lbs. of produce off of 1/5 of an acre. They live off the grid and power their computers from solar panels. Here is a short trailer that shows a little about what they are doing. They believe they are 21st Century pioneers in the mold of Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie

They have a website that has quite a bit of information on it. They also have a newsletter that you can sign up for. I just signed up today, so I can 't comment on the content.

It seems to be a common attitude when thinking about storage, to neglect home production. One friend said that he would just dig up his lawn and plant a garden, if conditions warranted it. I didn't know what to say. You can certainly dig up you lawn, and eventually have a good and productive garden, but not the first year. And probably not the second year either. It takes a while for the soil to become fertile, and it takes longer to learn how in the heck to get any kind of harvest.

Another attitude that I hear is that..... what can you do.... get some storage and wait for the Second Coming.... the problems are just too big. That would be great if the Second Coming was well scheduled, and we could count on it coming in the nick of time. More likely, we will ignore the coming storm, and then have to wonder how to feed our families. James Slessinger, former head of the Department of Energy also said that we (in the U.S.) have two speeds, complacency and panic. Complacency will just about guarantee panic somewhere down the road.

Anyway, I don't expect that we will ever get to where we were as self sufficient as Dervaes family, and I don't suppose that anyone that reads this will be either, but..... they have shown what can be done in small space in an urban environment. Granted, Pasadena has a much better growing season, and more natural rainfall than we do here in Utah, still, we can stand to make our yards and homes more productive, and while we have the chance we should make it a priority to do so.

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AnnieOfBlueGables said...

even apartments can have little flowerpot gardens. I love that we planted a cherry tomato in a pot with lettuce. It will come inside in the fall. Last year, that tomato plant lasted clear until February when all of a sudden is started developing tiny white flies, and the leaves curled up. I ended up accidentally killing it when I took it outside on a warmish day (in Feb) and it froze. Next time if they invade, it will be a soapy shower for them. Glad you have worked so hard on our yard, sweet friend.